Electronic Billing Submissions

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Speed and Efficiency...Skyline Billing has put together a system for claims submission that utilizes the latest software and hardware technologies unsurpassed in the industry.  Our providers work with us on a system where all the friction of outdated paper based systems is eliminated.  No more paper claims, management reports or faxed medical records that inevitably slow down claims processing or create reasons for claim denials. Our state of the art software platform ensures every claim submission is complete, error free and inclusive of all necessary documentation.  Claims status reporting is one of the most important aspects for providers to plan their cash flows.  


Skyline's management reporting systems give our providers up to the minute claim status reports that take the worry out of claims submission and collection. Knowing where you are is the only way to know where you are going.

Billing Claims Denial Processing

Let us save you the headache. Skyline Billing manages all claim denials so our facilities don't have to. We have experienced professional coders with years of experience managing denials and overcoming objections. We will diligently pursue all claims and denials until a determination is reached. We understand the legal processes surrounding insurance and how to hold the insurance company liable for the treatment that has been provided to the patient.

Insurance Claims Denial Appeals. We manage all the appeals and if the first appeal is denied we will escalate the appeal to a secondary or tertiary appeal if needed.

Substance Abuse Treatment Insurance Billing

Let Skyline Billing provide the very best and most comprehensive medical billing platform to date for drug rehabilitation and alcohol addiction treatment programs across the country.

Appealing Denied Claims for Insurance

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional expertise on the appeals process. Our understanding of the proper required documentation combined with our knowledge of insurance jargon allows us to file appeals with the utmost confidence that your claims will get paid. The appeals process begins with communicating with the insurance company and understanding every detail for the claim denial. Perfected documentation in the appeals process yields results.  Our payer relations expertise is unparalleled and is instrumental in prevailing in the appeals process as we understand both sides from the billing and payer perspective. This allows for a seamless appeals process for every provider as the worry and frustration of claims denial is in our hands so our providers can focus on treating patients.

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Verification of Benefits

We understand the importance of thorough verification of benefits. Skyline verifies that all benefits are accurately quoted by the insurance company and we retain proper documentation to ensure that the clients insurance company is held accountable for the benefits that are provided. We not only verify the standard benefits, but we also analyze the policy to allow us to minimize the risk of the insurance company rejecting the claims that are billed. We will work with your facility to help you gain a better understanding of a client’s benefits, as we believe that thorough and accurate verification is paramount. Without this, the remaining portions of the billing process may be insufficient or invalid.

All verification of benefits that are sent to Skyline Billing will be verified and returned to your facility in real time ensuring you will have no added delay getting a client into your program or facility with a complete profile of the insurance coverage.