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Skyline Billing

Billing Solutions

Specifically designed to meet the needs and ambitions of those in the behavioral health field, our approach is refreshingly different from the norm.

Maximize Results

They say there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Nowhere does this carry more meaning than today medical billing and coding.

Individualized Care

We look at your current treatment center and find out what level of care that individual will need to utilize our multi-faceted patient placement criteria.

Each facility, treatment center or organization has its own unique individual requirements. Therefore, we start each verification with an assessment. We look at your current treatment center and find out what level of care the individual will need.  Our approach utilizes a multiple faceted level of care process.


This allows each client to remain in your care for as long as it is deemed medically necessary. In turn you raise your bottom line and lower your overall cost with a much more efficient and thought out approach to the process of billing for each client’s individual needs.


We often talk with our clients to determine what they want to achieve from their billing service, whether that’s enabling a long-term recovery management plan, improving claim denials or increasing facility capacity. We then tailor a custom solution that’s the perfect fit for what they need.


We can implement our own Electronic Health Record (EHR) system or help you put together a new system utilizing innovative unified billing practices, as well as maintaining your current EHR System while integrating cloud based systems with EFT (Electronic Funds Transfers) for a much smoother, cost effective and quicker model of billing.


You then get to enjoy a more cost effective and efficient medical records system provided by a client-centric company offering the quality and stability of the old systems but with the agility and the price competitiveness of the new frontier of Medical Billing Software with fully integrated medical health records.

Skyline Billing offers cost-efficient, superior and smarter alternatives for all your billing needs.



By utilizing multiple levels of care it not only enhances evidence based treatment and creates a steady influx of multiple revenue streams but also allows for new patients to seamlessly integrate into the treatment programs.

Skyline Billing uses a seamless electronic billing interface that allows us the ability to update all global information from clinical notation, diagnosis codes and even the complex billing codes submitted on claims.